VASCOG Society Executive Committee Election

Result of the voting

There were 84 member votes. Some voters only voted for 1-4 candidates. It was a very close election as you may see in the results below. Only two candidates received more than half of the votes. As we had very good candidates this time those who were unsuccessful will hopefully stand again. As you may see, for the fifth (and last) place in the election there were only 3 votes between fifth and ninth place. Those names in bold are elected for a period of four years in the Executive Committee (EC) with the possibility for a second term which is decided in a new voting round, except Raj Kalaria and Chris Chen who now will serve their last four years. They are then able to candidate again after two years out of the EC.

84 members voted.

  • Raj Kalaria, UK 52 votes
  • Perminder Sachdev, Australia 48 votes
  • Chris Chen, Singapore 40 votes
  • Elisabet Englund, Sweden 34 votes
  • Vince Mok, Hong Kong 31 votes
  • Geert Jan Biessels, Netherlands 30 votes
  • Wiesje Van der Flier, Netherlands 30 votes
  • David Libon, USA 28 votes
  • Mike O’Sullivan, UK 28 votes
  • Charlotte Cordonnier, France 24 votes
  • Miriam Geerlings, Netherlands 14 votes
  • Anna Poggesi, Italy 13 votes